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Creating an Effective Partnership to Drive Capital Project Preparation and Deliver Specific Outcome

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Fort Hill Associates Presents at ACUA: Creating an Effective Partnership to Drive Capital Project Preparation and Deliver a Successful Outcome

Construction projects are subject to many pitfalls and obstacles which must be

overcome to achieve a quality end product. This presentation will analyze how a higher

education institution and audit can work in tandem to protect the institution’s interests

and increase the odds of a successful project for all stakeholders.

“Early steps and planning... ultimateley delivers a successful outcome for all parties."

Paul Manning, recently retired as the Director of Project Management at Duke University, along with Curt Plyler and Martin Howell, will discuss the early steps and planning that fosters teamwork, enhances project controls, and ultimately delivers a successful outcome for all parties. Paul will address the participants’ differing objectives and why they need to be transparently identified at project inception to increase trust and mitigate likely issues from occurring later in the project. He will then review the necessity of ensuring commitments are being met throughout the life of the project.

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The steps necessary to define, control and monitor Construction Manager charges on

capital construction projects will be subsequently presented by Curt Plyler, a Principal

with Fort Hill Associates, LLC. Curt will address the necessity of the various phases of

a complete construction audit program and provide an understanding of the potential

cost savings which can be realized through the implementation of each phase.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify items driving conflict between an Owner and a Construction Manager which should be negotiated upfront

  • Describe the steps of an effective construction audit process for work performed under a cost plus arrangement

  • Recognize the role of construction audit alongside Project Mgt responsibilities and/or reviews conducted by IA



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